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About Us

Weingartz Lawn and Landscape was opened in 1995 by a college student aspiring to become a High School teacher like his father. We began by cutting lawns in the neighborhood with the family lawn mower and eventually branched out into other subdivisions. In the late 1990’s, the lawn care industry was just beginning to hit its stride in popularity with the advent of dual income families. Immediately we realized our passion for working outdoors with the public and took a great sense of pride in beautifying peoples homes. It wasn’t long before the company began to grow. We eventually carved out a niche as purely a Lawn Service company, serving each individual customer one at a time. Before long, clients requested other services such as lawn fertilization and landscape installation.

By the late 90’s, Weingartz Lawn expanded from “the neighborhood grass cutter” into a full-service lawn and landscape company. And the company has continued to grow. Today Weingartz Lawn & Landscape provides the Macomb and Oakland county areas with high quality services that include a full host of Lawn fertilization services, Lawn maintenance services and Landscape maintenance services. If it has to do with your lawn or landscape, we can help.