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Spring and Fall Clean Ups

Fall colors in Michigan bring beautiful views, but also falling leaves and yard debris.  With so many mature trees in Bloomfield Hills a fall cleanup will be a requirement for most area homeowners.  Not only does fall landscaping help keep your property looking top notch, investing in a fall clean-up will save you time for gardening next year, and cleaning your lawn of debris prevents any mold or fungus from growing.

Weingartz Lawn & Landscape can do more than just leaf removal from your lawns.  We remove all  debris from lawn and landscape areas, patios, decks, window wells, walkways, gardens and more.  In addition to leaf removal we offer cutting back perennials, removal of annuals, inspection of plants for indications of disease or insects, fall pruning of all shrubs and ornamental trees topping off mulch and even gutter cleaning.

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