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Snow Removal

shutterstock_213450037We feature affordability, professionalism and availability for snow plowing, salting, and hand shoveling to the metro Detroit area. Exact service to our particular customers needs is our specialty. Our drivers monitor the roadways on a 24 hour basis during all potential storms as we are fully dedicated to the responsibilities our clients have entrusted to us. We study at least five different sources of meteorological reports as each storm to ensure prompt reliable service.


Snow season is from November 15th – April 1st. Snow will be plowed after a minimum accumulation of 2 inches or more in any 24-hour period. This is measured by the contractor at the pavement, not to include drifts. During large storms snow plowing may take extra time due to weather conditions. Please be patient. Shoveling of sidewalks, additional charge, may be done in conjunction with plowing unless winds exceed 20 MPH. Wind driven snow that covers driveway and sidewalk after plowing is not covered by this contract. Depressed areas in pavement may accumulate snow that may not be able to be removed as well as snow that has been packed down by vehicle or foot traffic, Weingartz Lawn & Landscape is not responsible for these accumulations that cannot be removed but will do our best to remove them. If you would like to request extra plowing of wind driven snow it will be done at an additional cost at our convenience.
Seasonal Contracts
Seasonal rates are based on 12 Snowplow events of 2 inches or more. In the event we plow more than 12 times in a season, each plow thereafter will be charged at a rate of 10% of your quoted seasonal rate.
Driveway Markers
Weingartz Lawn & Landscape will install driveway markers before the season starts and will remove them at the end of the season. Markers will not be replaced if removed and Weingartz Lawn & Landscape will not be responsible for any damages. You may request additional or specialty markers at a cost of $1.00 per.
In the Spring, after April 1st or weather conditions allow, we will repair any significant damage done to your lawn by our equipment. Only grass seed is included for damages. Pre-existing damage and damage caused by others will not be covered. Sprinklers are not covered in this contract but can be fixed at an additional charge.
Limitation of Liability
The contractor will exercise reasonable care to avoid damage to pavement, curbs, trees and shrubs. However, the contractor is not responsible for any: A) damage to landscaping caused by the piling of snow. B) Damage to items that are snow-covered or not visible. C) Damage caused by equipment when tree, shrub and sidewalk areas are not reasonably delineated due to snow accumulation. D) Personal injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents; and/or E) Acts of God, including but not limited to extraordinary weather conditions.
Customer is aware that plowing may not clear their property to bare pavement and that slippery conditions may prevail even after plowing. Weingartz assumes no responsibility for slip and fall accidents or vehicular accidents as a result of this naturally occurring condition. For general safety, neither contractor, nor any of his employees are to be approached while using equipment, please keep children and pets and yourself inside.
Payment Terms
Payment is to be made in full by December 1st. Weingartz reserves the right to suspend service if payment is not received. Return checks will incur a $35.00 NSF fee. Payments 30 days overdue shall be considered delinquent and all services to the client shall be suspended until the account is current and late fees of 2% may incur. Overdue invoices will be submitted to Transworld Systems with fees paid by debtor. There will be No Refunds issued for unused time or services set forth by this agreement.
When at all possible the best place to park is in the garage. If this cannot be achieved, please park cars as close together as possible toward the garage. If only a single car, please park as close to garage to one side of the driveway. It is also best not to park at the very end of the driveway. This may prevent a thorough cleaning. If cars are blocking the ability to plow we will get what we can. There will be no hand shoveling of driveways that are obstructed. We cannot wait for cars to be moved.